The public online lecture series Mobility analysis and planning for human-scale cities arranged by the Mobility Lab, University of Tartu, features experts and leading scholars in the field of mobility and transport. The lecture series seeks to answer the question of how to promote human-scale, sustainable, and just cities through mobility analysis and transport planning. The lectures address transport policy, the social, environmental and health aspects of mobility and transport, traditional and novel methods in mobility analysis and transport planning, and innovative technologies and future solutions and their social impact.

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Registration to the lecture series is closed.  

The lecture series is part of the “Transport Planning” course at the University of Tartu and therefore, some of the lectures are held in Estonian.

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Mobility Lab of the University of Tartu  


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The series is supported by the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network action CCAMEU—Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility: EU and Australasian Innovations